“SaferColon™ is a unique colon cleanser”
“The SAFER COLON formula uses natural herbs to help eliminate impacted waste from the colon, cleansing the colon gently while assisting in the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.”

Weight Loss Claims/ Reduce Belly Fat Claims

“Flush Pounds Naturally”
“Lose body weight”
“Remove Stubborn belly fat”
“A colon cleansing can result in an efficient weight loss and a flatter more toned belly.”

Detoxification Claims

“Detoxify Fast and Safe…”
“Colon detoxification helps with better blood flow more restful sleep and a boost in energy.”
“Countless people use SAFER COLON every day as an all natural method to gently flush away unwanted toxins from the colon.”
“Flush harmful waste”

Mood Improvement Claims

“Happier and better moods”

Other Claims…

“Flatulence, gas & bloating Impaired digestion”